Amr Seoudy Water Treatment Award 2024
Water Treatment Competition 2024 - EDITION 03
WTCO is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of Amr Seoudy Water Treatment Award for the best case study paper in the field of Desalination, Water Purification, Sewage Treatment and Industrial Wastewater Treatment.


Mankind owes scholars and philosophers in various fields the credit for the sophistication and progress that the world is experiencing in our modern era, and without the insistence of scientists and philosophers, we would not have been blessed with what we are in all aspects of life. Scientists across the world face many difficulties in a various ways, and it was hard to achieve their creativity because of lack of moral, material support and absence of suitable climate to achieve their creations, this delay came from others that not accepting their ideas for personal reasons, deficiency in understanding of the new ideas they provide, economic competition, lack of adequate financial support or procedures in addition to the routine that hinders the implementation of their ambitions. How many researchers, scientists and creators have been frustrated or with destroyed scientific ambition as a result of the presence of one or several reasons that have been explained earlier, some of these researchers have despair and others has intellectual oppression in addition to those who migrated to another countries to continue their creativity leaving behind many of their dreams, so that they can achieve success and who continues to resist the previous reasons in an attempt to overcome it. We believe that achieving progress and creativity in any field has two basic aspects, which are science and work, as they are two sides of the same coin, and everyone knows with no doubt about any currency with one side is not of value. Any field of life is like a coin with two sides of knowledge and work. If you can combine both sides, this field becomes valuable, and if you separate them, it becomes worthless. If researchers and scientists in their laboratories and science halls separated from workers in factories and sites their science and knowledge will be useless. When scientists’ knowledge reaches the scientific application for the benefit of workers, it will be much of use, and the opposite is true. Then, the workers have a link that is inseparable and uninterrupted with scientists, and if it is separated again, it becomes like one-sided currency with no value and no benefit.

Let us all start with each in its own field and at its best, even if it is difficult today to put both sides of the coin back in place so that tomorrow it will be of value and benefit.
It is in this spirit that I decided to start with myself and, as much as I can, to present an award for the best research in the field of water treatment for the best case study paper in the field of the field of Desalination, Water Purification, Sewage Treatment and Industrial Wastewater Treatment.



  • Design Optimization - Case studies
  • Operation and maintenance - Case studies.
  • Water project construction management - Case studies.
  • Energy consumption optimization - Case studies.
  • Water Management - Case studies.
  • Water quality monitoring and control.
  • Renewable energy to power desalination systems
  • Desalination brine mining.
  • Innovative Technologies.
  • Green hydrogen production from water
  • Water economics and financing.
  • Water public private partnership.



Abstract Submission Deadline 15 October 2023
Abstract Acceptance  15 December 2023
Full-Text Paper Submission Deadline 15 January 2024
Winner Announcement  04 March 2024


Please ensure your submission meets the competition strict guidelines for accepting papers.

Downloadable versions of the check list for  Abstract and Full-Text Papers.



All submitted papers will be blind peer reviewed by three competent reviewers.




Reference Degree

1 Abstract (10 Points)  
1.1 Writing style & Organization. Is the abstract well organized and written in an appropriate style with good grammar & spelling? 5 Point
1.2 Clarity and Contribution to Understanding Project. Is the abstract easy to understand and did it summarize the study in a way that contributed to complete understanding of the case study? 5 Point
2 Research Relevance or Impact (20 points)  
2.1 Relevance. Has an issue or question been identified to be relevant to currant needs for operation and maintenance? 10 Point
2.2 Background/Significance. Has the background been appropriately discussed in relation to the question and has the significance been clearly stated? 10 Point
3 Paper Technical Quality (40 Points)  
3.1 Specific Objectives. Has a clear object that was used to study the identified issue or question been provided, and have specific objectives that were used to test the case study? 10 Point
3.2 Case Study Description. Is the work clearly and precisely explained and described? 10 Point
3.3 Analytical Methods/Techniques. Are the methods appropriate and complete? 20 Point
4 Discussion of Results & Conclusions (30 Points)  
4.1 Clarity and Completeness. Are the results discussed and presented clearly and concisely in a manner that is easy to follow, and are the implications or significance of the results to the identified research issue or problem clearly identified? 15 Point
4.2 Validity of Conclusions. Are the stated conclusions supported by the results or a logical outcome? 15 Point



Dr. Kadr Gaid Expert in Water Treatment   
Dr. Tarek Waly  Regional Sales Manager  DuPont Water Solutions
Eng. Haytham Ahmed  Engineering Manager - Desalination  FEDCO
Eng. Rolando Bosleman Technical Director - Water Applications Energy Recovery Inc.
Eng. Ibrahim El Agawany  Senior Sales Manager  Energy Recovery Inc.
Dr. Hell Florian  Water Process  WABAG
Mr. Antonio Casanas  Senior Account Manager  DuPont Water Solutions
Eng. Ramashankar Jagwani  General Manager  PROJECX
Eng. Yasser Radwan Business Development Director ProServe


Hatem Seoudy Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering El-Shorouk Academy
Ahmed Fahmy Projects Manager Water Treatment Consulting Office (WTCO)
Nouran Moustafa Planning and Management Engineer  Water Treatment Consulting Office (WTCO)


Winners of the competition will be announced at the meeting where the competition takes place. 
Awards will be:

Places Awards
First Place: 100,000 EGP
Second Place: 75,000 EGP
Third Place: 50,000 EGP

Questions regarding this competition should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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