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  • Project planning include:
    • Master planning
    • Economic and rate studies
  • Water Treatment Technologies include: 
    • Conventional treatment technologies.
    • Membrane technology (Microfiltration, Ultra-filtration, Nano-filtration and Reverse osmosis) for the treatment of all types of source water (groundwater, surface water, brackish water and seawater).
    • High-rate clarification.
    • Disinfection and oxidation.
    • Post-filter Granular activated carbon (GAC).
    • Pre- and intermediate-ozonation.
    • Advanced oxidation processes.
    • On-site hypochlorite generation Technologies for desalination water treatment.
    • Re-mineralization system for Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants.
  • Water intakes and outfalls of different types especially from and to the sea.
  • Water distribution and transmission system.
  • Water pumping station.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Industrial water treatment.
  • Power generation plants.
  • Electrical, substation, distribution and transmission systems.
  • Instrumentation and control system for industrial plants including conventional I&C, process computer supervisory monitoring, acquisition and control central control rooms, field and local control, sequential control system.




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